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Insurance & Medicare

We accept most HSA (Health Savings Account) and FSA (Flexible Spending Account) cards

Many people these days have a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) through their employer for medical expenses. Some employers offer plans that include Health Savings Accounts (HSA). These plans offer significant tax savings to individuals and families for medical care, prescriptions, durable medical equipment, child care, dependent care, and more. The plans normally include an FSA Debit Card or Flex-card that may be used for qualifying purchases. Just use your HSA or FSA Visa or Mastercard in the checkout.

If your HSA or FSA card does not work in our checkout it means that your card issuer has restricted the geographic area that your card can be used in. All you need to do is fill out the HSA issuer’s form, attach our receipt. HSA or (Health Savings Accounts) will pay for CPAP and Oxygen supplies. If you have any questions on your particular HSA or FSA account and what it covers, please call your issuer directly.


Not dealing directly with insurance companies allows us to provide you CPAP solutions at a lower price. If your insurance plan normally charges you a set co-pay for prescriptions, then you will need to pay in full for purchases on CPAP Experts. Keep a copy of your prescription and the insurance compliant receipt for your online purchase so that you may submit them to your insurance company for direct reinbursement. Depending on your insurance company’s reimbursement policies, they may pay you all or part of your out-of-pocket expense.

We recomend using CORNER MEDICAL if you still would like to bill your insurance. CORNER MEDICAL is contracted with many insurance companies and HMOs. Please call them at 877-811-2995 or follow the link below to check on your specific insurance. WWW.CORNERMEDICAL.COM

Most private insurance companies will reimburse for durable medical equipment at some level, but we are unable to guarantee reimbursement by any insurance company. If you are planning to collect reimbursement, check with your insurance company prior to making a purchase. We are also unable to accept Medicare or Medicaid, and we have no relationship with either program. Our goal is to provide low-cost sleep solutions directly to you, the patient.

Below you will find the standard codes used for submission on insurance claim forms.

  • A7030 - Full Face Mask
  • A7031 - Full Face Mask Cushion
  • A7033 - Nasal pillows/seals, replacement parts for nasal interface, pair
  • A7034 - Nasal Mask(mask or cannula type) used with CPAP device with or without head strap
  • A7035 - Headgear used with CPAP device
  • A7036 - Chin strap used with CPAP device
  • A7037 - Tubing used with CPAP device
  • A7038 - Disposable filter used with CPAP device(Ultra Fine)
  • A7039 - Non-disposable filter used with CPAP device(Foam)
  • A7044 - Oral interface used with CPAP device
  • E0601 NU-CPAP Device Purchase
  • E0470 NU-BiPAP Without back-up rate feature
  • E0471 NU-BiPAP WITH back-up rate feature
  • E0561 - Passover Humidifier
  • E0562 - Heated humidifier
  • E7046 - Heated Humidification Chamber
  • E1399 - Miscellaneous durable medical equipment items
  • E0190 - Positioning Device
  • A9900 - Miscellaneous components of accessory items